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Investor Forum

The INVESTOR FORUM is a members only investor group for people interested in purchasing properties. Minimize risk with the combined purchasing power of a group. Increase or decrease your financial holdings by pooling funds and investing together on a regular basis. You can choose your own level of financial commitment or participate and learn with no financial commitment. Typically, for beginners, we review properties selling for 300K and below with Walk In Equity, Cash Flow potential and considerable After Repair Value (ARV). For members interested in larger investments we can accommodate you also.

Joining this group will give you access to The NYREI Power Team. NYREI created the forum in response to a huge demand for an investment group program.. They will be active participants, available to answer questions and provide support for you as an investor.

Additionally, Certified NYREI Instructor Steve Landfield serves as the elected President of the group. In addition to administration of the Forum, he will be providing monthly instruction in real estate investment topics for the group and he will also be available to answer questions and to provide investment support.

Learn all you can about investing in real estate with our monthly INVESTOR FORUM. Network with other investors and actually form corporations, pick investment properties and make decisions on what exit strategies will make your group investment profit the most. All of this happening with guidance from advisors you trust. All transactions are transparent and books are open for anyone to review.


  • Legal Support*
  • Monthly meeting with members of the NYREI Power Team
  • Monthly property update newsletter
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Special webinars with investor updates

Meetings will include:

  • Appoint individuals to roles outlined in the operating agreement.
  • Summarize the preceding meeting and an agenda for the current meeting.
  • Review club financials. Include overall gains or losses, individual investment progress and cash balance available for investment.
  • Present investment ideas and determine if the club wants to buy, sell or further research an idea.
  • Close each meeting with the agenda, date, time and place for the next meeting.
*Additional fees apply for legal documents, corporate set up fees, operating agreements, contracts, etc. Please plan to attend all meetings or call in to cast your votes.

Sign up for Investor Forum

Call us at 718.878.6843 or email sales@nyrei.com

Meeting Schedule:

Every second Wednesday of the month.

  • October 8, 2014
  • November 12th
  • December 10th
  • February 11th

*Additional meetings as required.

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