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This course is approved for 22.5 hours of Real Estate continuing education.

This certificate course is for individuals that are involved or are interested in the construction, development and real estate management industries. Business professionals such as bankers, construction managers, developers, general contractors, investors, lawyers and licensed appraisers, real estate salesperson’s and broker’s with an interest to further acquire knowledge and technical understanding in the business of real estate management and real property investment methodology.

This course is registered and approved by the AIA for professional continuing education for architects for non-HSW credit. All class sessions must be attended for CE credit.

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Student Testimonials

What NYREI Students Are Saying
The Property Management Class taught by instructor Sal Rozenberg was a phenomenal experience. It was engaging, informative, and well organized. Mr. Rozenberg's teaching style is inviting and practical because he provides many examples and scenarios, from his 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry. Mr. Rozenberg really takes the time to know each student during the classes and uses the student's professional experiences as examples for his lessons. That shows true dedication to training his students because he engages the students to pull from their own experiences to have an applied understanding of the material. I completed the class and was left with confidence to continue succeeding in PM industry. It would be a pleasure to take another of his classes and I look forward to doing so in the very near future.Thank you, Sal! 
Caliz Diaz
Hello Sal, I would like to thank you for your instruction during our Virtual Online Property Management (VOPM) Certification Classes. Your professional experience and expertise were truly insightful. Best regards,
Frank Roper
I wanted to thank you again for teaching the PM class this past weekend. Between your knowledge and the additional materials I've gotten a better understanding of day-to-day operations on a property level. I hope that we can stay in touch. Thank you,
Nicholas Kontos
Capital Markets Investment Sales
Dear Sal, I wanted to let you know that I thought that the January 2018 Property management class was an outstanding experience. I really received a lot of valuable information and I would highly recommend the class to my peers. I am looking forward to putting the information to use professionally. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again. Best wishes,
Eric D. Rosen
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Hi Mr. Rozenberg, I would like to thank you for taking the time out each Saturday to go through the aspects of what it may take to become a property manager. As well as walking through the neighborhood to point out some of the things we went over during our sessions together. Furthermore, I would like to know if u teach any other courses at NYREI as i am planning to take more courses after the PM course has been completed?
J. Sanchez

Your course on Project Management was great and certainly has helped me and the industry doing this important work. I hope you are continuing to teach project management to other students. 

Jen Stencel
Magnusson Architecture and Planning
Dear Sal, I really enjoyed and learned so much about property managment responsibilities and I will use all the information to advance my current and future property management employment. Wishing you a safe, joyful, and blessed holiday season. Sincerely,
Hello Professor Rozenberg, I took your Property Management course at the beginning of June 2018. I've been meaning to reach out to you to thank you for being such a great teacher. I very much enjoyed the three day course. It was extremely informative and you made it a lot of fun as well. I learned many things, made some friends and overall it was a wonderful experience, so thank you! I look forward to seeing again. Hope you are well. Speak with you soon. Best regards,
Hello Professor Rozenberg, It was a true delight attending your January 2018 PM class over this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interesting clippings in the materials you gave out and your anecdotes regarding the history of real estate management in New York starting from the time of Peter Minuit which governed lower Manhattan. I hope you have a great week. Best,
Rabiya Rizvi
Durst Organization
Good morning Sal, I wanted to thank you for teaching a great PM course at NYREI. It was a pleasure knowing the different roles of being a property manager and everything it entails. It was a great course to gain knowledge and elaborate on certain aspects in which I experience everyday.

Your January 2024 WVOPM classes were very insightful. As someone with no property mngmnt experience....yet, I'm now aware of the amount of knowledge that goes into property manager's role. I appreciate it and look forward to talking additional courses later this year. 

Sabrina Simpkins
Good evening Sal, At the conclusion of our 3-Sunday class for property management, I wanted to express my thanks for being a fabulous teacher! I took the class for the purpose of learning, and possibly expanding my options in the Real Estate world of Management. Although I am not sure that Property Management is for me, you have given me a very thorough understanding of all subjects concerning the multitude of responsibilities as well as very useful information that will make me a much more informed broker. The input you gave me as well as other classmates, we all agreed that you are a great teacher who combines passion for the subject, extreme knowledge/experience and a sense of humor making it a very pleasant , informative course. Thank you very much.
Barbara Petry
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Dear Mr. Rosenberg, Thank you very much for the wealth of knowledge about property management you shared with me and other students at NYREI! It was both informative and fun!
Yolanta K. Zawada
Salvador - best field trip ever! Fun to look at the city through your perspective and learn a few things. Looking forward to class today.
Lee Lewis
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Thank you for the real world experience and for making this and all of your course PM material interesting. I have taken a lot of CE courses over the years and I think your intensive is the best yet. I look forward to another Saturday of Property Management. Cheers,
Karen Gordon