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Tutoring Course

Worried about passing the NY State Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Test?

Put your fears aside - you have come to right place! We have well-known outstanding real estate trainers, that have put together an independent 2-hour tutoring session tailored for the State exam. (Note that this is group private tutoring and not the same as the NYREI tutoring given each week). This review session has helped thousands of licensee candidates pass their exams.

All types of students have come through with PASSing grades–students who tried to pass on their own and failed up to six times, students with English as a second language difficulty, students who are seeking a second career and haven't taken exams in many years, and many more.

Sessions are held on Mondays from 4-6pm - Zoom Only

Tuition: $75.00 (Prior registration is required to reserve a seat)

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While other schools continue to imitate...NYREI will continue to innovate.

I kicked that exams ass!!!! thank you very much for your help
I highly recommend Bill Plunkett as an instructor and the person that you go to before your test! His review helped me - tremendously! If you want to pass the school and state tests FIRST TRY you need to go to his reviews.
Your review sheet covers everything there is! Thanks so much for everything!
Take their review classes. Get Kristen Bacorn. You shall pass the test! ~B.G.
Thanks so much for the study tips. I attended your review and passed the school test on my first attempt. I also passed my state test and I owe it all to you
Hey Kristen just got the news that I passed the state test! Phew....was harder than expected there were 10-15 questions I was not familiar with and had not seen before. I think there are different versions of the test and the one we got on Wed was not the easier one. But I passed nonetheless so feeling great! Hope to connect soon and thanks again for all your help. I couldn't have done it without your review sessions.
If you have to take the exams - go to the review session with Kristen Bacorn! $75 for a review session might sound pricey, but it is absolutely worth it! ~T.B.
NYREI is a real good school to begin your career in RE. Very pleased with his work. ~L.M.
I do recommend on taking Mrs. Bacorn's Tutoring Classes they helped me a whole Lot and I passed my school exam and my State Exam!!!! ~P.T.
Hello Kristen, I must say that your state test Prep class was well worth the $75 I remember the last thing you said in class. ""Do not be late for the class because they will not let you in". Why did I leave my house late and was 10 mins late getting there! I did a little begging and the lady said okay you will be the last one. When I walked into the test area everyone had already started and I was very nervous because I didn't know how much time I had left. So I said to myself that I am going to try and read all the questions as fast I can to catch up, and the ones I didn't know I will come back to it. So I'm reading and answering the questions and before you knew it I finished the test. I answered every question and then took the time to fill out my name and all the other information they ask for. When I raised my hand to let them know that I was finished, I looked around and everyone was still taking the test! I must have finished that test in about 25 mins. I also felt good that I got most of the question right because as you said, ""We are going to cover 98% of the test". I didn't even have to do the math because those questions were exactly as we covered as well. Needless to say, I was the last one in, and the first one out! I was a little nervous opening E-access. But the word Pass was a great feeling. I am so happy for your service. So much so that if you ever need a live endorsement to repeat this story I am willing...
Kristen Bacorn was amazing. I took 2 of his tutoring sessions and he was great, I learned a lot from him. And I had a blast talking to her very knowledgeable. ~N.A.
Kristen Bacorn is a remarkable teacher. His passion for real estate had an impact on me. His methods include all that is needed for the exam and his real world experiences inspires us to not only think of what we are meant to be, but what we already are: One step closer to a full awakening of our potential. ~S.R.
Hands down the best place to learn & study to obtain your Real Estate license. Classes fill up quickly so get there early!! If you are lucky enough to get Bill Plunkett as your professor, he will ensure your success in this career. He offers amazing study guides and also offers private tutoring sessions which will prepare you for the school and state exam. I'm really glad I chose NYREI because my experience was quite pleasant. ~J.H.


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