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Property and Risk Management (PARM)

a.k.a. Asset Commissioning and Developer's Exit Strategy (ACADES) class.

A 7.5 hour class approved by the NY Deptartment of State for real estate continuing education credits.

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Property and Risk Management (PARM): $100

Course approved for 7.5 hours of continuing education.


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About The Course

Introduction to Professional Property Management

  • Understanding the evaluation of the property management profession.
  • Be able to explain the different classifications of real property and the various property management challenges involved with each.
  • Understand the principles of economics that affect the property manager's decision-making process.
  • Explain the process of researching and creating a management plan.

The Manager-Owner Relationship

  • Explain the terms of a typical property management contract.
  • Describe the procedures involved in taking over a property.
  • Distinguish among the various types of manager-owner relationship.

The Management Plan

  • Understand that identifying and achieving the owner's objectives are the manager's primary objectives.
  • Describe the process of putting together a management plan.

Leases and Tenant Issues

  • Describe the basic leasehold estates.
  • Distinguish among the types of residential and commercial leases and describe the characteristics and uses of each.
  • Outline the fundamental components of a typical residential leases and the rights and responsibilities of both the lessor and lessee; understand the importance of state and local law in governing landlord-tenant relations.

Managing Residential Properties

  • Distinguish among the various types of residential property.
  • Understand the special challenges of managing condominiums and cooperatives.
  • Explain how fair analysis and how the manager assembles reports.

Managing Emergency and Tenant Safety Issues

  • Understand the importance of the three-pronged, four-part strategy for dealing with emergency and life safety issues.
  • Identify the procedures involved in planning for emergencies.
  • Be aware of the importance of tenant security.

About The Instructor

Salvador Rozenberg, EMBA, R.P.A., CFMA, Licensed Broker

Salvador provides his client's with services for all business related functions involving real estate bookkeeping, construction, development, financial reporting and management. Prepares business/marketing plans, scope of work, reviews bids, supervises renovations and restoration projects, budgets/financial statements, leasing and leases analysis.

Salvador is a Part-time Adjunct Professor with the CUNY, Pace University and NYREI providing instruction in construction, property management, landlord tenant law and zoning compliance & urban development.

Here is the article, "How to buy on a CUNY salary" featuring Salvador Rozenberg.

Please feel free to contact Salvador with any questions you might have to sroze661@hotmail.com
The Instructor also teaches the Construction Project Management Certificate Course, Property Management Certificate Course, Property Management Course and Zoning Analysis Course at NYREI


Thank you Sal,
I did find the July 2018 Sunday, PARM course very informative. I'll be taking my time to read all the articles you provided for the class lecture.

Yes, I do plan on taking these other courses for the SREP certificate.

Vincent Buitrago
Director of Property Management


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