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Green Buildings And Practices Certificate

(*Includes 3 Hour FAIR HOUSING Requirement*)

(Approved by the Dept. of State for 22.5 hours of CE credits)

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Green Buildings and Practices Certificate Course: $275

This covers all 4 sessions, which can be taken in ANY ORDER. If you cannot come to a session, you can take that session next time it is offered.


About The Course

Having spoken to thousands of people about green buildings, the most common question I hear is, "What IS green?" The course, therefore, will teach agents how to answer that question intelligently and how to incorporate green building products into their real estate practice.

For more info, call 917 209 8585 or email Kristen@GreenEstateConsulting.com

Course Topics

The entire presentation is accompanied by Powerpoint presentations as well as whiteboard demonstrations and printed handouts.

Day 1 Green Concepts and Technology

What is a “green” building?
  • Green certification
  • Use of green standards, LEED, Energy Star, etc.
  • NYS planning & support of green initiatives
  • Relationship of green design to local design codes
Green Design is different
  • Design concepts
  • Computer modeling - Energy 10, DOE 2, HEED
  • Case study
  • Step by step design of a green apartment building compared to a conventional one - non-technology solutions
  • Local sources
  • Interior finishes & design
  • How materials affect air quality, mold, etc.
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing, drainage, water reclamation
  • Electrical power - how to measure kWh
  • Future of technologies - for example, new solar production & storage techniques, hydrogen delivery, etc.

Day 2 Understanding LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

LEED Procedures
  • What LEED is and the LEED rating system product portfolio
  • Why certify?
  • Steps to becoming a LEED AP, the LEED test
  • Project registration, fee structures, submittal phases and formats
  • Templates
  • CIRs, Appeals
  • Final review, acceptance, LEED plaque
Sustainable Sites
  • Site Selection
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Site Development, Habitat & Open Space
Water Efficiency Points
  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies
  • Water Use Reduction
Energy & Atmosphere
  • Green Power
Materials & Resources
  • Building Reuse
  • Regional Materials
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials
Indoor Air Quality
  • Minimum IAQ Performance
  • Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
  • Increased Ventilation
  • Construction IAQ Management
  • Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives, Paints, Carpets, Agrifibers
  • Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control
  • Controllability of Systems, Lighting & Thermal Comfort
  • Thermal Comfort, Design & Verification
  • Daylight & Views
Innovation and Design Process
  • Innovation in Design, and Exemplary Performance
  • LEED® Accredited Professional

Day 3 - Fair Housing, History, Finance

Fair Housing Concepts
Brokerage practices
Megan’s Law
  • What are broker’s responsibilities? Law of Agency
  • Databases, websites, school boards
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
  • How this compares with Fair Housing Act
Federal Laws
NY State Legislation and Local Laws
  • How do brokers uphold the law?
  • What are consequences to landlords, brokers, journals, etc. if they break the law?
  • Coops and condos
  • Section 8 and local laws
Fair Housing Today!
Fair Housing in the News
  • Are steering, blockbusting and redlining still alive?
  • Famous controversies and trials in the news (Craigslist, Fresh Direct, State banking regs)
  • “New” protected groups?
  • The new presidency
Fair Housing and Green
  • Is there a green profile?
  • Is green elitist? Only for the rich? 80-20 in green buildings, affordable green buildings
  • Fair Housing Poster - “it’s ok to consider color…as long as it’s green”
  • Do green practices intrude on culture?
  • Green as a social movement
History of Green Architecture
How the philosophy came about
Examples of Green Buildings
  • Slide show of NY State Green buildings
Finance: How Much Green Can I Save?
Do green buildings cost more?
  • Market value of “green”
  • Comments from top developers - Larry Silverstein, Joseph Moinian, Sheldrake Org. etc.
Funding mechanisms for green buildings
  • Incentive programs
  • Tax advantages of building green
  • Green mortgages
  • NY State Programs, NYSERDA, Green building tax credits
  • Local green policies in NY State Cities
  • How to fill out State and Federal forms
  • Most popular green programs, how they work, where to get more info
How Real Estate Professionals can benefit by understanding Green
Who buys green & why?
  • How to explain green building features
  • What market studies show (NY Times, Co-star, other studies)
  • How to market green
  • Financial incentives for renters and buyers
Getting involved
  • How to visit a green building
  • Where to get more info
  • Measures you can take in your community, neighborhood, apartment building
  • Networking and joining groups - US Green Building Council, AIA, Online Green Groups, etc.
  • Informational on upcoming green events and lectures
  • Broker certifications such as eco-broker, GreenEstate, etc.

About The Instructor

Kristen Bacorn has been called one of the pioneers of the green architecture movement.

Kristen's first green consulting projects came when she wrote an Environmental Impact Statement for a new construction by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and performed energy research for a foreign oil-producer. In architecture school, she created environmentally conscious designs and received a university-wide award for architectural theory.

Kristen later worked on the construction site of the nation's first green residential hi-rise, The Solaire, and wrote the first environmental architecture course to be accepted by the NY Dept. of State. To promote the green movement, Kristen also trains architects, engineers and contractors to become LEED Accredited Professionals like herself. Syracuse University School of Environmental Sciences as well as Binghamton University School of Engineering have invited Kristen to offer environmental science courses.

As a lecturer and educator in great demand, Kristen has been featured speaker at many venues, including the annual Javits Center Construction Expo. Her writing has been published in Newsweek, and she has granted exclusive interviews to national entities such as Lowe's Home Improvement and the Wall Street Journal. In addition, she has served for many years on the American Institute of Architects' Committee on the Environment.

Kristen Bacorn also has extensive experience as a broker and private real estate investor. For 12 years she was Vice President of Fox Residential Group, one of New York's top ten brokerages. In commercial real estate, Kristen marketed and sold shopping centers in portfolio packages. She also dealt with brownfield acquisition and remediation. These accomplishments brought her to the attention of the Real Estate Board of New York, who invited her to serve on their Credentials Committee.

Although Kristen's background is in architecture, she is aware of the importance of accessing the many financing opportunities, which are sometimes complicated. In her current projects, Kristen guides her clients through the maze of green funding options.

Because of her considerable experience, many groups have retained Kristen as a consultant. In recent years she collaborated with Costas Kondylis on a feasibility study for residential conversion of 67 Broad Street, a 40+ story tower in the financial district. She has worked on dozens of green constructions from single family homes to huge hi-rises, and also served as an advisor to green manufacturers and vendors.

Kristen has is currently working on a number of projects, including a midtown hotel and a 500-unit Manhattan condo.

Kristen brings to her clients a wealth of knowledge, fine reputation and an accessible personality. As an investor and member of project development teams, she has first-hand knowledge of the needs of developers and owners in this demanding market. Kristen welcomes opportunities to share her industry expertise with those who may benefit from her unique insights.

Kristen Bacorn Kristen@GreenEstateConsulting.com 917 209 8585

NOTE: Kristen Bacorn also offers a Green Certificate Course (22.5 hours of CE including the Fair Housing requirement) as well as a 7.5 hour CE course on Green Architecture every month.


I want to share my opinion on the continuing education class I completed with Kristen Bacorn this weekend. kristen's course , Green Building and Practice's with the Fair Housing requirement was one of the Best classes I have attended in a very long time.

Kristen shared her expertise , which is impressive and , I was able to relate it to experiences that I have been involved with currently. Kristen's knowledge will help me as I conduct business and meetings with builders of new construction in Astoria.

Kristen also gave the best and most interesting relevant explanation of Fair Housing that could be a stand alone course. I found myself thinking in new ways about my experiences and how I could better serve my clients and community by the insights that kristen brings to this subject. I found myself not wanting the course to end, which says alot about a class and Kristen.Having her as an instructor made the weekend committment a pleasurable one. I look forward to seeing what other continuing courses I can take with this fantastic professional.

Thank You,
Jose' Batista


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