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Broker License Courses

Earning a broker license is one of the first steps to propelling your career into the real estate industry. When you join the NYREI community, you're getting more than just a school.

  • Largest selection of real estate courses in NY
  • Maximum flexibility: courses offered 7 days a week
  • Just show up! No class reservations needed
  • Expert faculty of successful real estate professionals
  • More than 60,000 graduates

Brokers Course Packages & Registration

Broker License Course Only: $450

(Textbook additional $45)

This course is for Salespersons that received their license after July 2008. It includes:

  1. 45-Hour Broker Licensing Course
  2. NYREI Broker School Exam

Broker License Course +
Remedial Course: $600

$45 Savings!
(Price includes all textbooks)

This course is for Salespersons that received their license before July 2008.

  1. 45-Hour Broker Licensing Course
  2. NYREI Broker School Exam
  3. 30-Hour Remedial Sales Course
  4. NYREI Remedial Course Exam

Online Courses

Broker License Course - $450
Remedial Course - starts at $270
We also offer the Remedial and Brokers Courses online.


  • Real Estate Broker applicants must be 20 years of age or older.
  • You must have at least two years of experience as a licensed Salesperson. You can begin taking the Broker Course before all the required experience has been accumulated.
  • You must show proof of 3,500 points based on transactions as an agent or 5,200 points through equivalent experience in general real estate business. For more information on the point requirements and to print out an application, click here.
  • If you have enough related experience, you can get your Brokers license without having a Salesperson license, but you will need to take 120 hours of coursework, which includes both the Salesperson and Brokers courses.
  • The Broker Course qualifies for your 22.5-hour Continuing Education requirement after the completion of the school exam and 3.75 hours of Fair Housing.

For more information, visit the Department of State website.

The Process

  • Our Brokers Course is 45 hours and offered in 11 separate numbered sessions.
  • You can start any day, any time, with any session number.
  • You can take the sessions in any order that is convenient to you, as long as you don't repeat any numbered sessions.
  • We are the only real estate school that allows you to mix and match sessions between day and night classes and from one month to the next for licensing courses.
  • Once you complete all 11 sessions, it's time to take your school and state exams.
  • Once both exams are passed, you can apply for your Brokers license.
  • For those requiring the Remedial Course, see Sessions #13-20 on Salesperson Calendar.

Session Topics

New Sessions for 45 Hour Broker course as of May 1, 2012
Session #s will now match the Chapter #s in the book.

  • Session 1 – Chapter 1 - License Law
  • Session 2- Chapter 2- Law of Agency (old session 3)
  • Session 3- Chapter 3-Agency and Real Estate Brokerage (old session 4)
  • Session 4-Chapter 4-The Broker’s Office (old session 2)
  • Session 5- Chapter 5-Real Estate Finance (old session 8)
  • Session 6 – Chapter 6-Real Estate Investments/Math (old session 10)
  • Session 7 – Chapter 7-Business Law (old session 11)
  • Session 8 – Chapter 8-Construction and Development (old session 6)
  • Session 9 – Chapter 9-Conveyance of Real Property (old session 7)
  • Session 10 – Chapter 10-Property Management (old session 5)
  • Session 11- Chapter 11-Taxes & Assessments/Local concerns (old session 9)
  • Session 12 - Test


Manhattan Branch

132 West 36th, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
*Use entrance at 139 West 35th St. on nights and weekends (Between 7th and Broadway, North Side of Macy's) Phone: (212) 967-7508


The Brokers Course is also available online.

Course Schedule

Click here to see the Brokers Course schedule.

The Brokers License Course is 45 hours, broken up into 11 sessions offered every month. The sessions are independent of each other and can be taken in any order. After completing your 11 sessions, you will need to take your school and state exams.

*Please note: If you got your Salesperson license prior to July 2008, the State requires that you take a 30-hour remedial course in addition to the 45-hour Brokers Course. For the Remedial Course, see Sessions #13-20 on Salesperson Calendar.

NY State Exam

You are required to make an online reservation in order to take the state exam. Even if you plan on taking the exam a few months from now, we recommend that you make your reservation immediately for your real estate broker license in NY.

Click here to register for the NY State Exam.

Department of State

Click here if you have questions about the Department of State requirements.

For additional information, please refer to our FAQs page.

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