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Triumph Philosophy

Time. In New York it's a valuable and, often times, expensive asset. People say more happens in a New York minute than anywhere else in the world. Here in the Financial Capital of the World, from the whisper of morning to the long drawn hours of evening, the wheels of commerce continuously turn. As a result, success comes to those who utilize time more efficiently. If you are a seller, purchaser, landlord or tenant, we can help.

Information vs. Knowledge

We’ve created a unique orchestration of technology, real estate experience and marketing expertise. The service we offer to you is a combination of field experience, innovative tools and honed negotiating skills. Armed with an exhaustive database of listings, floor plans, photographs, virtual tours and our in-house expert analyses of areas, buildings and market trends, our agents are able to sort through a mountain of information quickly and efficiently. Getting information is easy-- acquiring knowledge and applying are the key.

History & Values

Triumph evolved when seasoned real estate professionals came together and made a commitment to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Technological breakthroughs of the new millennium, particularly the Internet, continue to redefine our role from brokers of information to guardians of factual integrity and brokers for people. By showcasing new technology to monitor the market, its trends and indicators, we can readily communicate and demonstrate a clear vision of the future.

By conducting business with energy, integrity and professionalism, we also live out our dedication to treat our customers and clients in the context of timeless and universal human values. Our existence arises as a confluence of the time-tested traditions of the past, comforts of the present and the very best offerings and opportunities of the future.

The Future of Real Estate... Vision

Our vision of the future of real estate is simple and clear. The Triumph team is constantly striving to offer personalized service while implementing the tools advanced technology offers. This dedication to professionalism combined with an understanding of your lifestyle and knowledge of the real estate market enables us to make best use of valuable time.

And while sometimes it seems there aren't enough hours in the day, we constantly remind ourselves that we enjoy exactly the same hours as Einstein, Bell, Ford and Newton. No, it doesn't take a genius to demystify real estate. All you need is an expert who knows and understands not only the variables and trends of the market but, more importantly, the people who are in it.

Buyers and Tenants ... It's not about where but how you want to live.

Matching a property with the right purchaser or tenant is like sorting gold from fool's gold. At a glance, every prospect seems to be a real one. Buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords often waste time negotiating a deal that won't close. Why? Because conventional wisdom is that real estate is all about location, location, location. The truth is – real estate needs are much more complicated.

That's why Triumph agents take great care in asking about, listening to, and knowing how you live your life now. We also inquire about changes you'd like in making it more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. Real estate is directly influenced by your lifestyle, values and choices. That's what turns a house into a home. Essentially, understanding and appreciating how you live leads to where you'll ultimately be.

Sellers and Landlords... Be a Number or Be a Person.

It's your choice. While we utilize the advantages of modern technology, we also believe in getting to know our clients and their needs. Your broker is aware that a moving signals different stages of people's lives. Consequently, we fully appreciate the balance between the business and emotional aspects of each transaction.

In a technology-oriented world, it is easy to fall prey to over-emphasizing values on a monetary and statistical level alone. In commercial real estate, that's the point. In the residential market, you need a company that will work with you closely from listing to closing.

You need a firm that believes in service and integrity first, and one who will value the property as a home and not just another listing. We believe in establishing a strong relationship with reliability, credibility and accountability. In our minds, the combination of personal service and technological savvy is a prerequisite and not a contradiction. While other firms focus on their website, we focus on you.

A Word From Triumph Management...

At Triumph we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers and clientele person-to-person service while utilizing the very best technology the 21st century has to offer.

The aggregate knowledge and experience of our team of experts and their commitment to individual communities allow us to stay on top of the current market, its trends, opportunities and risks. More importantly, we emphasize the value of listening to your needs, getting a clear picture of how you live and matching those with the property that's right for you.

We believe in going out of our way to make your experience in buying, selling and/or leasing real estate, pleasant, gratifying and fruitful. In fact, we founded our firm with the help of your referral business... and we would like to see it continue to grow this way.

Please let us know how we may be of assistance. We look forward to the privilege of working with you.


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