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Take Control of Your Real Estate Business Today!
Membership to NYREI InvestorPro allows investors to automate the entire process of buy/sell and/or buy/hold transactions.  Beginners or seasoned pros with excellent or poor computer skills can use NYREI InvestorPro to regain control, consolidate information, stage “what-If” scenarios to reduce errors, maximize profits and bring clarity to the decision-making process.

Outwit the Competition
NYREI InvestorPro can help neutralize competition by taking your business to the next level.  If your mission is to help sellers, buyers and the community, while enhancing profitability and gaining market share, let NYREI InvestorPro help you get there faster, smarter, and safer with new technology and innovative processes never before available to the professional real estate investor.

Follow the Trademarked “Inductiv” Process
Nothing less than revolutionary, NYREI InvestorPro web-based software system was developed around the proprietary Inductiv architecture, a trademark of the Association of Certified Real Estate Investors (ACREI), and gives investors more freedom and flexibility, while minimizing anxiety and stress using the:

12-Step Method – general workflow and universal procedures common with every Investor, and the Decision – Tree – a guide through particular and individual decisions based upon available data.

Increase Your Probability for Success While Saving You Time!
It cannot offer certainty, but NYREI InvestorPro’s Inductiv process provides the highest probability of success currently available to real estate investors.  Just by filling in a few blanks the software automatically creates high-Impact analysis of your property to use while negotiation with sellers and banks, business and marketing plans for your real estate business, an unlimited number of pages website that is linked to your contact and tasks databases, rehab-terms-rental analysis, 20 customizable contracts, 100 item materials list, notes/liens module and import/export capabilities.

Get Answers Faster, Safer and More Reliably
Organizing and understanding accumulated data can be complex and even overwhelming at times but NYREI InvestorPro enables investors to detect trends, visualize patterns, and make faster more informed decisions.

My Properties Organize, store and track the progress of your deals from “finding and analyzing” to “contracts and closings” in one central location.  You can analyze your deals in just minutes.

My Contacts  Store and retrieve your contact information, the contact type and associate it with your properties and any comments.

My Tasks  Organize and manage your business while tracking appointments with sellers, buyers, and lenders.

My Links  Add your favorite website links to the list of pre-programmed links input for your convenience.

My Files Upload edit and organize files from Word, Excel to pictures,  PDF’s and graphic files.
Blank Forms Quickly view and print field data collection forms, analysis worksheets or your own personal forms or contracts.  Includes 20 Word and PDF forms and contracts.

Website Market your business and show off your properties with an unlimited pages website that is fully integrated with your properties module.  Follow 4 easy steps to setup your website.

Business Plan Win the war against business failure and poor execution by creating business plans and marketing plans using the pre-defined guide.

Notes & Liens Make money like the banks do: buy, sell and manage notes, liens and other paper instruments.

Designed for Beginners, Robust Enough
for Seasoned Investors

Real estate investors need dynamic tools that will work in a constantly changing marketplace, and these tools must be easy to use for investors at each skill level.  Beginners tend to need guided “step-by step”  assistance while seasoned investors tend to suffer from data overload.  NYREI’s InvestorPro’s flow chart type design, logic-driven links, color-coded symbols for tracking progress to help ensure consistent and productive experiences for all investors.  Hate that old non-conforming software you’ve been using? InvestorPro conforms to your business through Smart-Form Design.  Tired of piecing together a few excel worksheets and several different software applications in an effort to automate your business?  Imagine the lack of professionalism, chaos if builders, title companies, appraisers were still conducting business on excel worksheets.  NYREI’s InvestorPro has integrated all of the software applications needed by a professional real estate investor in application.

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Designed For All Types of Real Estate Investors Beginners to Seasoned Investors
Wholesalers to Rehabbers
Flippers to Rent and Hold
Asset Lenders to Notes/ Tax Liens
Single family to Apartment Buildings

High Security
Offering the highest level of security in the industry, NYREI InvestorPro automatically backs up your data on a regular basis and Uses industry-recognized security safeguards such as firewalls and SSL security to prevent Unauthorized viewing of confidential Information.

17 Reasons to Buy Now
1. Do More Deals then ever before!
2. Make decisions making faster and more accurately.
3. Reach more Buyers/Sellers with your integrated website.
4. Shortens the Learning Curve.
5. Feel More Confident in your analysis.
6. Avoid costly mistakes
7. Keeps your business organized
8. Focus more time on finding deals.
9. Track your rental income and expenses.
10. Defuse anxiety about making money
11. Optimize accuracy and predictability
12.  Integrate multiple applications into one web-based software system
13. Getting started is a breeze with the easy to use interface.
14. Requires no new software or hardware
15. Get free upgrades and updates
16. Data is backed up daily to protect your valuable information.
17. Get free technical support

*Plus $9.99 per month for hosting
Only $1,499.99*
Get 3 months hosting for free

More Potential Benefits
* Eliminate the Guesswork!
* Real estate agents can better help investors make money resulting in quicker and higher commissions.
* Stay ahead of the competition with improved automation and processes.
* Delegate data input and processing to employees freeing you up to meet
with sellers and buyers.
* Get return on investment literally with your first deal.
* Eliminate paper notes, clutter and the potential of losing deals.
* Reduce the overall paperwork for each deal by 50%.
* Streamline the Buy/Sell processes.
* Make investing easier with NYREI

Investor Pro, the only software of its kind created for Real estate investors  to increase efficiency using the trademarked inductiv process. Real Estate Investment Class

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