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Dear Real Estate Student,

Allow me to share a true story with you which begins on my first day at work:

You see, just like everyone, I was given a desk and phone and was expected to rake in the big bucks. Well, with no training and no direction, which is pretty much the case in most Real Estate offices, I was set up for failure. After assigning me a desk, I remember being told by the manager, “Go get them tiger.”

“Get them what tiger!!!” I was completely lost and it seemed the other agents in the office were busy doing their own thing. To say the least it was not the start I expected.

I started my real estate career on January 1st, 1998 with $40,000 in personal debt. With no direction, my debts grew to $46,000 within 3 months and I saw no success in sight. I was beginning to wonder if I had chosen the RIGHT career. Disheartened, I decided to quit. While I was packing to leave the office, I saw a brochure called, “How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins an international sales trainer. One thing led to another and I found myself attending a full day seminar by him. I left knowing exactly what I was doing wrong and everything I ought to be doing. It was by far the best investment of time and money I had made. I decided to give real estate two more months. To put it mildly the seminar changed my life.

Fast forward to December 31st, 2002, after working very hard for 5 years I was 1 MILLION DOLLARS richer.

To this day I attribute the turning point in my career to the seminar.

Fast forward further and in ONE month (August, 2004) I made $200,000.00. Yes, two hundred thousand dollars in one month, in August 2004. I say this not to impress YOU but to impress upon you how lucrative and financially rewarding REAL ESTATE can be.

I know personally how lonely and frustrating the life of a salesperson can be. When I started, I was as much a failure as anyone until I was able to get proper direction to insure my success. At that time, I swore if ever I could share my success with others, I would give a seminar of high quality and at a price that anyone could afford. You will make a small investment for this seminar and that constitutes one sale for me. However, it may mean hundreds of sales in your career and thousands of dollars for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. In this way, I hope that I can play some part in your success.

This seminar was put together to make money for you.

It will change your life for the better and if you feel otherwise, you have a 100% money back guarantee. My best wishes for your success.

Thank you

Gary Oberoi

Look what the seminar attendees say!!!

  • I made $1455 in the first 7 days of starting work - Kevin
  • I made $4362 my first month and $7341 my third month - Maria
  • I made $2550 my first month - Sorin
  • I made $4550 my first month - Kessang
  • I made $2862 my first month - Gustavo
  • I made $28,632 in six months - Mirela

I found your seminar very stimulating and helpful in my road to real estate success - Kyle

The information is valuable and concise - Eugene

It was without a doubt the most informative seminar I've ever taken - Matthew

Learned a lot - Stuff that was not taught in training at Citi Habitats - James

Great! - Billie Jeanne

This seminar paves the way for a great and rewarding career as a real estate agent - Mona

Intensive workshop with realistic and understandable examples - Claudia

The seminar brought into my perspective real life situations that I will face - Stefanie

Very Practical - Steven

I’m sure YOU would like to make similar statements as your real estate career progresses. Besides a real estate license and the desire to make a lot of money, Kevin, Maria, Sorin, Kessang, Gustavo and Mirela took the “Failure to Success” seminar.

Why do you think 65% of agents who get their license leave within the first 12 months?
Why do you think 60% of the agents never ever make over $28000 a year?
Why do you think 80% of the agents earn only 20% of the commissions?

Once again the answer is the same. No one showed them how to SELL. No one taught them the skills and tools required to be a successful real estate agent. This seminar does just that!

Date: TBA

Time: 6 - 9:30 pm

Cost: Students $49; Non-Students $89

Registration: Click for Online Registration



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