Real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing

for The New York Real Estate Institute provided by

" consistently attains top ten ranking in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo and MSN. They also provide cost effective PPC and blog marketing for us. We can't recommend them enough!"

-Richard Levine

Ethical SEO / SEM Real Estate Marketing Services:
If you are new to real estate, or a seasoned pro venturing into the online and blog sphere, we will work closely with you to identify your goals and attain maximum ROI through SEO, PPC, CPL, RSS and Blog marketing.

To learn more about our services, read the details below, or contact us for a free quote.

Note: We have a $1500.00 a month minimum (20 hours at $75hr) plus 3rd party expenses. Why? Because marketing real estate online requires a serious commitment and effort. Experience shows us anyhting less than 20 hours a monthly will not produce satisfactory results in an appropriate time frame.


What is ROI?
ROI means Return On Investment. Typically speaking our clients tend to see a 5 times return on investment. Basically, this means if you spend $1500 a month, you should roughly see $7500 worth of sales. Of course, being in the real estate industry, you are likely to see more. IE: You invest in a web site and our services for 3 months. ($4500.00). You sell one apartment from a lead generated and earn a commission of $50,000.00. Your return would be well over $4,500.)

What is SEO?
SEO means search engine optimization. What's that? Search engine optimization is the process of making a web site "Readable" by the search engines and attaining top placement in the Organic results. Here's a tip. Never make a web site 100% in flash. The search engines can't read it.

What is SEM?
SEM means Search Engine Marketing and typically indicates all known forms of paid advertisement in the search engines such as PPC.

What is PPC?
PPC means pay per click. It's also know as Cost Per Click. Essentially, this means you can pay per click to have your web site listed in the search engines, and elsewhere. The problem is it is costly. One click can cost $1.25.

What is CPL?
CPL means cost per lead. Depending on the publisher web site, it's possible to pay per lead. Though, this model has fallen somewhat due to the explosive growth of PPC. However, when conducting a PPC campaign, it's important to monitor the CPL and ultimate ROI.

What is RSS?

RSS means really simple syndication. Technically it's a form of XML. But, what you need to know is RSS allows you to distribute your listings to hundreds of web sites for free, or nominal cost. It can also be good for SEO if executed properly.

What is blogging?
Blogging means to post news, articles and opinions on "Weblogs" aka Blog's. Web logs are basically just content management systems that are super simple to use. If you use the right blog software, you can increase your online prescense significantly.

How do I get started with my online real estate marketing campaign?
Easy. Just visit us at (Real Estate Marketing), or call 800.556.7449.

 Real estate marketing for NYREI provided by Services include SEO, SEO, PPC, CPL, RSS and blogging.

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